Arboricultural expertise
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Our services:
  1. Detailed tree inventory
  2. Assessment and diagnosis
  3. Protection plan
  4. Design of planting plans
  5. Monetary valuation of plants
  6. Contract supervision
1. Detailed tree inventory
To find out the number, species, size and quality of trees on a site.
People often don't know all the trees on their property. A good knowledge of your tree inventory will help you optimize the resources allocated to the upkeep of these great plants, and bring out the hidden gems. A complete inventory will guide your decisions for years to come.
2. Assessment and diagnosis
For a complete examination of the tree and appropriate intervention.
Whether it's a tree you care about, a tree you want to cut down or a neighbor's request for pruning that seems exaggerated, the assessment report will give you the straight goods. This independent assessment will establish the real condition of the tree and the appropriate intervention. Whether it's emerald ash borer, carpenter ants, fungus, cavities, leaf spots or any other disease, they'll be identified.
3. Protection plan
To ensure the survival of trees following construction or renovation work.
Too often, even if trees are preserved on a building site, they are not adequately protected. The result is that, five years later, the retained trees have to be felled. The protection plan establishes the measures to be taken to ensure the long-term survival of the trees. Some examples: preventive pruning, determining the root protection zone or pre-cutting the roots.
4. Design of planting plans
To determine the quantity, species and spacing of trees to be planted.
Good planning includes consultation with stakeholders and site users. Then you can choose the species and their locations to maximize the benefits while limiting the drawbacks. What's more, with food inflation rampant, why not include edible plants in your planting? Or better still, create an urban orchard.
5. Monetary valuation of plants
For compensation or a lawsuit.
Have branches, roots or a tree been cut or poisoned without your knowledge? You have rights. There are several legally recognized methods for assigning a monetary value to a tree in compensation for the benefits it will no longer render.
6. Contract supervision
For impeccable, hassle-free arboriculture work
You've awarded a contract for arboricultural work and you don't have the time or the knowledge to validate the quality of the work carried out, that's no longer a problem. Thanks to my on-site experience, I can ensure follow-up and quality control of this contract carried out by a third party.
Benefits of urban trees:
  • Cooler ambient air (to combat heat islands)
  • Oxygen production
  • Fine particle capture
  • Carbon storage
  • Reduced runoff
  • Habitat for pleasant urban wildlife
  • Stress reduction in the presence of trees
  • Beneficial effects on health
  • Embellishing the landscape
  • Increasing property values
Your consultant:

In 17 years of arboriculture, I've experienced the trade from many different angles.

First as a pruner, I developed my skills in the execution of work. I worked alongside a number of contractors from the arboriculture and construction industries. I assimilated the private sector way of thinking and the priority given to project profitability.

I then worked for several municipalities. I developed expertise in arboriculture, administration and regulations. I appreciated the desire of various municipal environmental departments to create natural, sustainable and resilient living environments.

In recent years, arboricultural needs have been growing. The shock caused by the introduction of the Emerald Ash Borer and the apparent effects of climate change are increasingly raising awareness of the importance of protecting and maintaining the urban forest.

Municipalities are adopting by-laws and practices to better protect trees, but both public and private bodies have difficulty understanding and applying them due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of plants.

That's where my services come in, complementing the planned intervention. My ability to combine cost-effective project implementation with the preservation of trees and their environment.

Looking forward to doing business with you!

Mathieu Sauvé

Arboricultural consultant

514 703-4197

Certified Arboriculturist
by the ISA # QU-0452A

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